“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

With Christmas well and truly on the way, many of us are starting to head off on our Christmas and new years holidays. With a 14 hour drive ahead of us, I want to make sure we are smart about our food choices along the way. With such a long time on the road, we need good brain food […]


SEE FOR YOURSELF “Every time we pull out a phone or a camera to snap a photo trying to “capture” the moment, we’re actually losing the moment. Instead of experiencing the here and now, we actively detach every single time we reach for that memory-capturing device. Time spent posting, liking and following these images are other popular ways […]


Don’t you just love a good book?? It’s always a little sad when you come to the end. However, I usually find myself floating on a cloud of pure elation for days after finishing a good book! And that is exactly where you can find me right now. I have just finished a book called A STORY OF […]