Don’t you just love a good book?? It’s always a little sad when you come to the end. However, I usually find myself floating on a cloud of pure elation for days after finishing a good book! And that is exactly where you can find me right now.

I have just finished a book called A STORY OF SEVEN SUMMERS by Hilary Burden. It came highly recommended, and was loaned to me from one of my best friends. To give a brief overview, but not ruin the book for any potential readers, it is basically a 7 year autobiography of Hilary burden. She tells of leaving a very successful and high profile London job to return to her ‘home’ in Tasmania. She gives us an inside view as she falls in love with the land around her and all that nature has to offer, as she finds herself, and finds companionship in unlikely people and places. It is very easy reading and has heaps of delicious looking, country home-made recipes for you to try.

It has brought me back into tune with nature, and remembering to be grateful for all the beautiful things around me, big or small. After starting my whole 30 and due to the restrictions that implies for a while,  my passion for cooking and creating had sizzled out a bit. The book has inspired me to do some cooking. Although I wont be having any, I am super excited to have some yummy fresh baked goods (from some of the recipes in the book), waiting to greet my boyfriend after his long day at work.

Would recommend this book to anyone with a passion for good food, travelling, a keen sense of adventure, anyone stuck in the monotony of the daily rat race, nature lovers, gardeners, book lovers, independent women, farmers and alpaca lovers!

Here is one of the recipes from the book.

Taken from "A STORY OF SEVEN SUMMERS" by Hilary Bruden

Taken from “A STORY OF SEVEN SUMMERS” by Hilary Bruden


Happy reading!!

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