The monster in me

“Stay awake, don’t rest your head” Restless, the monster wakes. Eyes squinting through the darkness, searching hungrily for a glimpse, a sliver, a sign of light; a small glimmer of hope in which to escape this prison.  He’s been trapped here, tucked away in the dark for months now. Tamed, subdued, carefully monitored. Fed only […]

Crash into me.

Look left. Eyes Widen. Muscles tighten. Sweat rolls. Adrenalin peaks. Mouth open. No sound escapes… Metal crumples. Glass pops. Shatters. Muscles loosely flying. Rolling. Screeching. Light flashing. Gasp for breath. Lungs burn. Bubble. Gargle. Chest is heaving. Heart pumping. Veins pulsing. Head thumping. Body aching. Bones breaking. Loved ones vivid. Heart is breaking. Head exploding. […]

Unapologetically Tomato Sauce.

I have this one friend. Everybody likes her. Because she just is. Herself. Consistently. Surely. Wholeheartedly. Self assuredly. She wears her heart, soul and whole self on her sleeve. She tells it exactly like it is. Straight up, no bullshit. She knows what she wears, despite what magazines and everyone else around her says she […]

Everyone is breaking. I don’t know how to put all the pieces back together. I don’t know how to fix them.

Divorce. Breakup. Misscarriages. Rape. Affair. Bipolar. Tourette’s. Domestic violence. Alcoholism. Car accidents. Brain injury. Depression. Cancer. Death. Suicide. Anxiety. Pornography. Hospitalisations. Epilepsy. 18 months. The amount of time 99% of the aforementioned took, to sweep in and knock myself, and the 10 people closest to me off of our feet and to the ground. Everything […]

Wetting yourself outside your comfort zone

“Don’t let fear predict your future.” “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” People are so afraid of change, getting uncomfortable, being embarrassed, hard work, commitment, that many often spend their lives taking 1 step forward and two steps back. They don’t learn the first time and they go back to the same […]

Hashtag “newbeginnings”

The generation, that when faced with loss, tragedy or loneliness, simply buys a ticket and starts again, seeking out a brighter future than the past we leave behind. Not long ago, my friend broke up with her long term boyfriend. A few weeks later she left for Europe, announcing it to the world over social media […]


Mum always used to tell me “everybody needs hugs.” Growing up hugs flowed in steadily, in a healthy and loving supply. I wasn’t a big instigator, which I now think was probably because my ‘daily hug quota’ was being met. Not long ago, there was a guy at my workplace, who I was working alongside. […]

No Regrets

“What’s your biggest regret, and why?” …that old chestnut. Don’t you just love this question. It might be getting to know someone new, a first date, a small group leadership discussion, pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, getting uncomfortable. It may be well intentioned, freely offered or just down-right nosey. Whatever the case, someone’s biggest regret is […]