The monster in me

“Stay awake, don’t rest your head” Restless, the monster wakes. Eyes squinting through the darkness, searching hungrily for a glimpse, a sliver, a sign of light; a small glimmer of hope in which to escape this prison.  He’s been trapped here, tucked away in the dark for months now. Tamed, subdued, carefully monitored. Fed only […]

Crash into me.

Look left. Eyes Widen. Muscles tighten. Sweat rolls. Adrenalin peaks. Mouth open. No sound escapes… Metal crumples. Glass pops. Shatters. Muscles loosely flying. Rolling. Screeching. Light flashing. Gasp for breath. Lungs burn. Bubble. Gargle. Chest is heaving. Heart pumping. Veins pulsing. Head thumping. Body aching. Bones breaking. Loved ones vivid. Heart is breaking. Head exploding. […]