Self Discovery!

Since the new year, my birthday has been and gone. I was unwrapping my last present and I had this “AH-HA!” moment. I’ve spent years trying to figure out who I am.. what do I like, what do I do…what makes me and defines me? Who am I?? For my birthday this year, I was blessed to receive a visit to the naturopathe (all supplements and any further visits included), new Lorna Jane tights and run shorts (I live in these), a recipe box and book, the HAPPIEST happy pants I have ever owned, and a beautiful handmade trinket necklace. I am so grateful for all these perfect gifts I got from people who know me, perhaps better than I know myself. 

Lorna Jane gear – I like to train and keep as fit and healthy as possible (clue 1), I basically live in Lorna Jane bottoms. As Brett’s mum said, she knew I would love some tights because they are practical. (clue 2) …I don’t like spending money on anything that is impractical.

Recipe box, and kitchen notes book  – I LOVE FOOD! (clue 3), and it is obviously quite apparent. Not only did I get these but for Christmas I also got a recipe book, “delicious” diary and magazine subscription and an antipasto serving set.

Happy pants and trinket necklace –I am comfortable in, and love wearing “hippy/boho” clothing and jewellery (clue 4) …that is of course when I’m not rocking the gym gear. I am pretty free spirited, and generally don’t care what people think of me or how I dress.

And so it seems, on my 23rd birthday, I may finally have got some sort of a hold on “who I am”. I can see a clearer direction for my blog, and am super excited to tackle 2013 head on, as a healthy, active, practical, trinket wearing, food loving, purpose driven,  happy hippy!


Birthday gifts

After pork belly for breakfast and tappas for lunch, Brett and I shared vanilla ice-cream with fig and pistachio and toffee. Definitely a perfect food lover's day!

After pork belly for breakfast and tappas for lunch, Brett and I shared vanilla ice-cream with fig , pistachio and toffee. Definitely a food lover’s  perfect day!

Are you still trying to put a finger on who you are? Ask your friend’s and family to sum up who they think you are in a couple of words…they may just be on the money!

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