In 2007, I was on a youth camp, where I was introduced to the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. Introduced to the idea of writing down everything I am grateful for every single night before I go to bed. Ever since then I have kept a gratitude journal. At times I might only write 1 thing, and other times there might be 50!

Why keep a gratitude journal?

  • By taking time out to stop and think about all the things in life you are grateful for, you are making yourself much more conscience and aware of these things. Things you may have overlooked or often taken for granted, things that are a gift, not a god given right. We have so much to be grateful for, yet often we spend so much time focusing on the negative that we don’t even notice all the beautiful and amazing things we have.
  • I guarantee you, if you start doing this daily…there is no two ways about it – you will be even happier, and so much higher on life!
  • Have you ever heard the saying “to break an old habit, you have to replace it with a new one?”  Well ladies and gentlemen, here is a very healthy new habit ready to jump in and replace any negative habits you are trying to kick!
  • It’s so uplifting to look back through your journal. Whether you are having a bad day, or at the end and looking back through the year, its exciting to see; all the people you are so fortunate to have met or have in your life, all the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done. The achievements you’ve made, the opportunities you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learned…all the GOOD things that you have been grateful for making it into your life.

As I have been keeping a journal for so long, I feel it has become a bit of a routine habit (a great one none the less), but something I have fallen into the trap of doing without intention.  I plan on making “7 DAYS OF GRATITUDE” a weekly appearance on this blog. I will be seeking my most grateful pieces of every day, and sharing them with you. Hopefully you can get some ideas of things you too can be grateful for. So for the first instalment,  here are the things I have been most grateful for this past week!


WEDNESDAY i am grateful for the perfect weather at the beach this morning!






THURSDAY  i am grateful that i have a job to go to today, so that i can earn money and be able to do the things i love.



FRIDAY i am grateful for the tomatoes that are starting to grow in my garden.




photo (53)

SATURDAY i am grateful one of my best friends arrived home safely after a massive drive :)




SUNDAY i am grateful for the organic farmer’s markets, and that i have easy access to organic food!



photo (51)

MONDAY i am grateful for the subscription i was given to the ‘delicious’ magazine, and for the 1st one turning up today!!




TUESDAY i am grateful for the youth camp i went on, that helped me to cultivate such an awesome habit in keeping a gratitude journal, and for the ability to share the idea with others!


Some ideas for you…

“Gratitude!” Ap for i-phone. Since getting my first i-phone in 2009, my gratitude journal went electronic. There is a great ap called “Gratitude!” It allows you to write what you are grateful for, attach a photo, gives you a quote for each day, and is pretty customizable. It is also password protected :)

365 Days of gratitude. I have a few friends who have done this. They choose one thing a day they are grateful for, take a photo and publish it on instagram. eg. #125 I am grateful for the sunset (attach photo here). This can be a great way to keep you accountable as it becomes interactive and people look forward to seeing your photos.

I am so grateful to YOU! for taking the time to read this!! Thankyou :) I hope that you find this something you can implement into your life!

Bec .x

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