15 days. HALF WAY!

GOOOOD MORNING!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend celebrating the first day of summer :) We spent the weekend outside and down at the beach, enjoying the sun and the surf and eating beautiful fresh foods. Today marks the half way mark of my whole 30 journey! Come the end of this week I seem […]

8 days in..

Today finds me at the start of the second week of my whole 30. I can honestly say I have stuck to the program 100%, and have not even licked carrot cake icing that accidentally found my finger. Here are some pictures of the yummy foods I have been eating :) Mushroom burgers are soo good! […]

Whole 30

Hello beautiful people! :) I hope you are all recharged after the weekend and ready to jump head first into the week to come! Today finds me starting a program called The Whole 30.  To put it quite simply, it is 30 days of clean, sweet free living. 30 wonderful days that allow your body to detoxify and heal. […]