photo (69)WEDNESDAY i am grateful for the daily quotes and inspiration I get from my gratitude journal app. You can find the app here.


photo (71)THURSDAY i am grateful for guided meditaion. Click here for a link to a free podcast, that i find easy listening.



photo (63)FRIDAY i am grateful for date night with my man :)




photo (64)SATURDAY i am grateful for paleo sushi. Simply wrap some chicken, pesto and asparagus in thinly sliced prosciutto, and you have a yummy paleo version of sushi!


photo (65)SUNDAY i am grateful for massages. Everyone loves a good massage, but realistically who has the time or money to book in for one regularly? Brett and I have decided to give each other a massage one evening a week. This was just a supermarket massage oil. I can’t wait to go out and find a really nice one. It’s relaxing for both people and good bonding time. I chose Sunday as my massage night, as its the turning point in the week. I get to finish and start my new week relaxed!

photo (68)MONDAY i am grateful for having a “girls morning” with my beautiful mum, sister and sister in-law. It’s not often that i do “girl things” but it was very relaxing and great fun having breakfast and seeing a movie together. For anyone that lives in Brisbane, Australia, if you haven’t been to Pompidou in Hawthorne for breakfast (or lunch) you are missing out! They have a delicious menu and beautiful coffee, with impeccable service!

photo (70)TUESDAY i am grateful for the daily inspiration and happiness I get from Self•Health•Wellness. Check out THIS POST for some thought provoking questions! I answered these yesterday, and have decided I will do them again in 6 months to see what has changed.


What amazing things happened in your life this week??

2 thoughts on “7 DAYS OF GRATITUDE

  1. Hey Bec! I’m loving your posts! You can get amazing candles where the wax is massage oil! They are really fun and smell great too.. Check out ‘honey birdette’ at carindale .. I think that’s what it’s called :)

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