Imagine this. You’re sitting in the sterile surrounds of a doctor’s office. You’re here for some findings and results. And then your fate is handed to you. You’re never to eat again. Nil by mouth for the rest…yep THE REST of your life. Let that sink in for a minute.

Unfortunately, this is not just my over active imagination making up stories. This is the reality for people throughout Australia and the world. People who have experienced the taste and sensations of eating food. People like you or I, that have grown up in a culture that revolves around food. We eat 3-6 times a day. We have people over – to eat. We go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner. We have parties – and eat. Wedding receptions, fundraisers, morning teas after church, staff lunches/morning tea/Christmas parties. The list goes on. And then its taken away from you.

What would you eat for your last ever meal, your last ever drink? What would be the last lingering taste you would savour?

I challenge you to be concious of the food you eat this week. Its taste, texture, flavour, smell, colour, temperature. To be so aware of every succulent morsel that slips through your lips. So grateful of the gift you have to eat and drink. A gift so often overlooked and taken for granted.

Yours gratefully.

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