Cancer and Heart Disease #firstworldproblems

I’m sure you all would have heard of the terms “raw food,” “paleo,” “clean eating,” “organic” or “caveman diet.” These are all a lifestyle change that revolve around eating fresh, natural, chemical free, un-processed, un-changed foods from the earth, sky and sea. Living as a “caveman” did thousands of years ago.

Did you know that you can avoid, reverse and even cure, nearly all diseases, without drugs. Our bodies were made to eat real foods, we require all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from real foods. All the preservatives, additives and chemicals in “food” made readily available in the shops, are slowly killing us. If you were to eat a diet of organic and fresh; fruit, veggies, nuts grasses and meats, I guarantee you will be feeling better, living longer, and enormously reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Now I don’t know if you know that thousands (even as late as hundreds) of years ago, our ancestors weren’t dying of heart disease and cancer – the two leading causes of death in the high income countries (the ones that can afford “medication” and processed “foods”) worldwide. Did you also know, the drug and medication industry is a $200,000,000,000 (thats 200 billion dollars) a year industry! ..there’s a lot of interest in keeping something that big sustainable.. isn’t there?

The government, the drug companies – they don’t want us finding a cheap, readily available, natural solution to prevent disease. That would leave them with nothing to cure! That would bring the drug and medication industry crumbling down.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR, EDUCATE YOURSELF! Education is the key. There is a brilliant movie screening free online for 10 days only. It is full of useful information and definitely worth taking 1 hour, (that’s only 60 minutes of your 10080 minutes in your week) to watch. Check the movie out here.

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