You have the power!

My boyfriend and I purchased our first house a couple of months ago. Before we had found “the one” we spent heaps of time looking around real estate agents, newspapers and driving around every suburb of Brisbane. We weren’t really sure what we were looking for though. We would see houses and not really know what we did or didn’t like about it.

My Dad has always told me, that if you want something, you NEED to write it down! He would always say, that by writing down all the things you want, you had a much greater chance of getting it. All of it. My teenage self, ever the sceptic, was very unconvinced and unsold. Ever since then however, I have been writing lists of goals, dreams and aspirations…just in-case Dad was right..

For years now, I have found old lists everywhere! Much to my surprise, most of the things on the list have happened – just as I wrote. Not everything of course..but they will!

But back to the house. One day whilst having coffee with Brett, I decided we needed to write a list of all the things we both wanted in our house.

After writing our list, we only looked at a couple more houses, when we came across “the one”. It had everything on our list. I can guarantee that if we had not written the list, there would be things we would have gone without. It gave us direction, easily ruled houses in or out, and it catered for both of us.

What are you chasing? Write it down! At the very least, it gives you clarity of what you want. When you know exactly that you want, its a lot easier to find it!

Start writing…

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