Post-workout pick up!

Opening the fridge a few bare ingredients stared out at me, while empty shelves waited for pay day. Just home from a big leg session I was hungry and chasing some protein. I threw some stuff in the blender in hope of achieving something bearable enough to get down. What i ended up with was far more delicious than I dared hope for.


1 small banana, frozen

1/2 avocado, frozen

1 to 1 1/2 C cold water

1/4 C coconut cream

1 big handful of kale

1 scoop vanilla protein ( I used Professional Whey NZ WPC, Organic Vanilla flavour).

1 tbsp raw cacao

1/2 or 1tsp raw honey

Blend well and enjoy.


Protein: consuming protein has been shown to speed up recovery time and increase strength before the next gym session. This results from amino acids (tiny parts of proteins), which act as a building block for muscle. When you consume foods high in protein after lifting weights, you supply the body with amino acids to start repairing the damaged tissue (mainly muscles).

Banana: “After a tough workout, your fuel of blood sugar and glycogen should be low. You may have even tapped into reserves to complete your training. From a physiological perspective, your body’s first priority is correcting blood sugar balance and replenishing glycogen, not making your biceps pop. Consume fast-digesting carbohydrates in order to spare protein, replenish glycogen, spike insulin, and speed recovery.”

Avocado and coconut cream: these are both good sources of fat to be consuming. They are good for satiety (making you feel fuller for longer). Most body builders and athletes will not consume fat post-workout, as it slows the protein and carbs from getting to your cells quite as fast. However, for most people adding some good fats is not an issue.

Kale: Kale is high in iron and calcium and is low in calories. To find more of the many health benefits of kale, click here.

Cacao: packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Click here for more.

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