Happier now + a Giveaway

So I’m a little behind schedule, but I have finally finished my first book, The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  Because I want to share the happiness love with you, I will be giving away a copy of the book! (See end of post for details).


To give a quick review without giving too much away, Gretchen sets out on a 12 month “happiness project.” She broke each month down into different areas of her life; January – Boost energy, Vitality / February – Remember love, Marriage / March – Aim higher, Work / April  – Lighten up, Parenthood / May – Be serious about play, Leisure / June – Make time for friends, Friendship / July – Buy some happiness, Money / August – Contemplate the heavens, Eternity / September – Pursue a passion, Books / October – Pay attention, Mindfulness / November –  Keep a contented heart, Attitude / December – Boot camp perfect, Happiness

Each month, Gretchen focused on improving in that area of her life, to make herself happier. As she progressed to the next month, she aimed to maintain what she learnt and practised in the months before. The book is filled with heaps of quotes, and is very easy to relate to. It has given me inspiration to start a mini “12 week happiness project”. Mine will be focusing on things like diet, meditation, exercise, positive self affirmations, reading etc. Obviously you can’t change or develop a habit in a week, I am just aiming to be more consistent in the things I already practise.

I bought a little notebook, and I wrote lots of quotes and points from the book in there. It’s not very often I have the chance to re-read a book, so now I can just go back to my notebook and find all my favourite bits. I can’t wait until I have filled it with 52 books worth of treasure’s!!

“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing, nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.” -William Butler Yeats

My little notebook

My little notebook


As I have taken what I need from the book, and rarely find the time to re-read a book, I will be giving away my copy. Yes it is dog-eared, high-lighted and underlined and well-loved. However, I would much rather someone else’s life be enriched by the book, than for it to sit there on my bookshelf looking pretty and collecting dust. For your chance to win* simply “like” the bathed☼in☼sunlight facebook page, and then upload a photo of something that has made you happy this week :) 


Up for grabs!

Up for grabs!



*Competition closes 21/2/13 AEST. There will be one winner. Winner will be judged by my friend, who will choose which picture makes her the happiest. This is just for a bit of fun, and I am not very web-savvy, so this is the best and fairest way I could come up with to pick a winner. Book will be posted to the winner when competition closes.


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