#WEDNESDAY i am grateful for “Notes from the Universe”. (These are daily emails I get “from the universe” that always bring a happy little end to my day before bed. You can sign up for them here.

#THURSDAY i am grateful for my two beautiful dog’s unfailing love and companionship :)

#FRIDAY i am grateful for our bed, sheets, blankets and pillows, that have all been given or gifted to us.

#SATURDAY i am grateful for the glorious and uplifting sound of laughter. There is nothing like it!

#SUNDAY i am grateful for finding ‘a church to call home.’

#MONDAY i am grateful for the unexpected little burst of fun I stumbled across on a local pin board. -it said take what you need: large fries with that/a hug/a tomato/a smile/etc.. and i took “The Force” -use it wisely! ;)

#TUESDAY i am grateful that i live by the bay, giving me a lovely place to walk and unwind.

photo (2)

What are you most grateful for today? Comment below :)


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