Finding self.

SINGLE. A word I never imagined I would use to describe myself again. I was all lined up to get married, have kids and live happily ever after in our new house. Well, in my mind anyway. Yet here I am, sitting in the middle of my half empty new rental, alone. 

Without going into details and getting all soppy, Brett and I broke up a couple of months ago (hence the lack of posts). I am glad to say that the hard part is nearly over, we are past the heart break and are still good friends! This blog however, is also going to take an unexpected change of direction. I’m on a road to self-discovery, and finding my purpose, and this will be my outlet. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be food, health, wellness etc. And by no means will there be depressing posts about being sad and lonely, and bitter and angry. No, no, no. I am a healthy 23 year old girl, and right now the world is my oyster!

I came to a shocking realisation today. For the past 3 1/2 years or so, I have relied on Brett to be my rock and my foundation. And here is one place I went wrong. Of course your partner is going to be a massive, grounding and safe part of your life. But the rock and foundation of your whole life, should first and foremost, always be God. I am so fortunate to have found a church to “call home”. After we broke up, I spent a lot more time and energy re-kindling and strengthening my relationship with God. I’m only at the start of my walk with God, but the journey I’m embarking on with him will be something I will be sharing on this blog.

I still love food! My choices in quality food may have slipped of late, and my sugar and caffeine intake has shot through the roof. However, after a wicked session back at the gym, I cooked my first dinner (in a long time) today, and it was so so SO good! I have so much time to cook, and find, and taste, so food will still definitely feature.

I am living by myself for the first time in my life. So far so good. (I’ve been here a whole day!) haha I have so much time and space to learn and grow. No excuses. I hope you enjoy my future posts!

Until then,

photo (2)The single, 23 year old, not so scared of the dark any more, food loving, outdoor adventuring, maybe finally growing up, Bec. x


And because I can laugh at myself…

Brett and I play hide and seek with our dogs. One of us hides, and then we tell them to “go find” and they run around the house looking for us. Last week we were playing and I told Brett “I have a really good place!” He asked me where it was. I looked at him, looked at the dogs at his feet, and went to tell him “I’m not telling you, the dog’s will hear!” …i don’t have many blonde moments, but when I do they’re good ones! ;)

6 thoughts on “Finding self.

  1. Ahhh Bec. Sending luv and light. But really it’s all good. At 53 I learn something new every day. It’s when you stop learning the problems start. I feel gratitude for having met you.

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