Afternoon catch-up :)

This week has been a bit chaotic, leaving me one big, flustered, and unproductive mess. After some much appreciated guidance and wisdom from friends, family and my naturopath, I am back on track! It is so important to have people in your life, who can pick you up and set you back on the path.

Here’s a bit of a catch up for the week :)

First up, congratulations to Phil, who is the winner of “The Happiness Project” competition, and new owner of the book!



Halva’nt tried it? – You should! ;)


2C raw honey

2C organic hulled tahini

1/2C dry roasted almonds- roughly chopped (these are optional).


Mix honey and tahini together until smooth. Mix through chopped almonds. Either spread as is, into lined a tray and refrigerate to set. Or roll into little balls, roll each ball in roasted sesame seeds, and then refrigerate to set.

Halva has some wicked health benefits, but is still definitely a sometimes food. Store bought halva is often full of sugar instead of honey, flour, and other additives. Some of the health benefits from sesame seed oil (from the tahini) in the recipe above, include; promotion of cell integrity and formation, helps protect the skin, supports immune response, enhances vitamin E activity, maintains a healthy liver, and is overall very nourishing for your body.


photo (3)i am grateful for loved one’s support and guidance. “LIFE HAPPENS”. It happens to the best of us. Sometime it rains, and sometimes it pours. There’s no avoiding ups and downs. Having a close network of friends, family, colleagues, mentors etc. often allows you to get back on track a lot faster, than if you’re sticking life out on your own!

8dc992ae7be411e2892d22000a1fb72b_6i am grateful for C25K. This is a free app that I use for my running. It coaches you to train for a 5km run. All the runs are set. All you need to do is plug in your earphones, choose your favourite beats, press start and hit the pavement!  C25K makes it really easy to build up your running distance when starting out.

photo (75)i am grateful for fresh coconut water. Not only is it refreshingly yummy, it’s also hydrating and really good for you too!



photo (76)i am grateful for muddy footprints through the house. Yep, they remind me of how fun it is to play in the mud and rain. How good is the feeling of mud between your toes!! Go on, get outside and get dirty!!


photo (77)i am grateful for “Note’s from the Universe.” I get an email at the end of every weekday, with a random, grounding, thought provoking, inpsiring, ‘just what i needed,’ little “Note from the Universe.” Check it out!

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