It has been hammering down rain here for the last 2 days. For some unknown reason this seems to send everyone into hibernation. We went on an adventure through Brisbane yesterday and it was like a ghost town. We found big puddles, flooded parks, hidden antique shops and cosy little bookshops to bunker down in for a while. I tried to play with my dogs, but apparently they don’t work in the rain either, so I danced around the backyard by myself. When I got to church tonight, there were 2 guys there packing down. It had been cancelled due to wet weather…while this was a bit disappointing, it is held at a PCYC so my sister in law and I spent time jumping on the trampolines, flipping, somersaulting, doing handstands, walking on balancing beams, hanging off bars and having fun!

…when was the last time you stood out in the howling wind, and danced with all your heart and soul in the pouring rain?? When did you last do a somersault, handstand, cart-wheel, jump in a puddle, jump on a trampoline?

Let go of your fears, your cares and your burdens, embrace the joy and freedom that comes when jumping in a puddle, the liberation of standing in the pouring rain, the pure exhilaration of play.

Something happens to us as we get older and we seem to forget how to play. Play is fun, care-free and best of all it’s makes you come alive!

Get out of your warm comfort zone of familiarity, and go play in the rain! It’s good for you :)


The hounds high and dry.

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